An Increasingly Attractive Industry for Buyers

Previously an overlooked industry, title agencies, underwriters and other businesses that service the residential and commercial real estate market have become attractive acquisition targets over the last few years. We expect this trend to continue into 2022 and beyond as macro tailwinds and demographic trends continue to point to a strong U.S. real estate market. Independent title agencies in particular serve a diverse and fragmented customer base, making them prime candidates for a strategic consolidation.

Industry Outlook for Title & Insurance

Coming out of the depths of the pandemic, the housing market has continued to soar. Over $4 trillion in mortgages were originated in 2021, driven by continued refinance volume as more households regained eligibility, but also new home sales and a lack of inventory that has persisted since the last financial crisis. Mergers and acquisitions in title and related verticals will remain strong in 2022 and beyond. The buyers now at the table stretch beyond the usual suspects (underwriters) and include private equity firms, family offices, vertically integrating real estate companies, and technology platforms.

Our Expertise in the Title Industry

Britehorn Partners is a proven a leader in M&A advisory to the title insurance industry. We have represented sellers and buyers from coast to coast, both big and small. Our clients benefit from our dedicated team of seasoned investment bankers that all have extensive knowledge of the title industry and who have completed hundreds of transactions in the middle market.

Some of the recent deals we've completed in this industry are below:
- Action Title Research
- Tryon Title
- World Wide Land Transfer
- Meridian Title Corporation
- U.S. Title