Britehorn Securities Has Got You Covered

If you are seeking the perfect broker-dealer to support your investment banking and private placements activities, look no further. Britehorn Securities is a specialized broker-dealer built by investment bankers and placement agents for investment bankers and placement agents. We understand your business at a personal level and focus on providing you with a streamlined compliance solution, rapid turnaround times, and best-in-class service.

Please note: as of Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) going into effect in June 2020, Britehorn Securities no longer permits our registered representatives to directly sell, solicit, or make recommendations to any "retail customers" (as defined by the SEC). We strictly work with M&A, institutional, and wholesale channels.

“Compliance Light, Compliance Right”™

If you are seeking a partner who lets you focus on closing deals, look no further. As investment bankers ourselves, we understand the importance of compliance, but also appreciate when it is streamlined to help move us along — rather than feeling like a constant barrier of paperwork. That's why Britehorn Securities’ broker-dealer and compliance solutions have been developed specifically for the institutional investment banker, fund, or placement agent — and stripped of the hundreds of additional requirements you'll find with retail-focused broker-dealers. What does this mean for you? We eliminate scores of regulatory work and requirements that have nothing to do with your business.

Investment Bankers

We provide investment bankers the necessary broker-dealer sponsorship and a full suite of compliance tools to help make their work seamless and sound from a regulatory perspective.

Funds and Placement Agents

We provide a turn-key compliance solution for private funds — and the sales personnel and placement agents working for them or with them — to raise capital through private placements.

Why Britehorn Securities

- Easy onboarding process that takes less than a week and is guided by our compliance manager.
- Dedicated compliance manager providing personal, white-glove service.
- Straightforward pricing with bulk discounts and no per-deal or annual commission minimums.
- Britehorn is not a party to your client agreements and doesn't take a percentage of your monthly work fees, just commissions.
- Quick, seamless transaction compliance with minimal paperwork for you and your clients..
- Health, dental, and vision insurance available for registered persons.

Affiliating with Britehorn Securities allows you to:

  • 1.Maintain or take the FINRA exams necessary to conduct your securities-related business.
  • 2.Stay abreast and in compliance with the latest rules and regulations specific to your type of business.
  • 3.Easily maintain state licensing, continuing education, and other ongoing regulatory requirements.
  • 4.Conduct security transactions legally and soundly, with our support in the case of FINRA or SEC oversight.
  • 5.Collaborate, if you’d like, with other Britehorn Securities investment bankers, placement agents, and institutional sales personnel.

"We evaluated multiple broker-dealer platforms before selecting Britehorn. They have been excellent to work with for five years, providing complete broker-dealer oversight and support services. They clear our commissions quickly, register us in new states seamlessly, and are very responsive whenever we have questions. Most importantly, they free our time to focus on M&A advisory work."

- Tim Dailey, Peakview Partners, Denver, CO

"I was both overwhelmed and confused by what appeared to be a very convoluted set of licensing requirements, rules, and gray areas when I was first launching. After considering everything from real estate licenses to buying a broker-dealer — I finally came across Britehorn. After the first call, I knew I was going to go with them. They provided real answers, real support, and were so direct, knowledgeable, and welcoming. I could not be happier with my decision and now can operate with complete peace of mind."

- Harry Caruso, Car Wash Advisory, New York