March 4, 2024

In a recent episode of Excellence Podcast, hosts Rael Bricket and Lindsay Adams invited Britehorn’s Brett Story to share his tips for maximizing the sale of a business. At one point, he says, “Drama kills deals, and this isn’t a big one. It can mean drama in terms of not taking care of some of the stuff we read for instant number one, you know, a financial misstep or a tax liability or maybe you have a threatened lawsuit from a formerly disgruntled employee that you don’t disclose to the buyer you forget about and there’s nothing worse than for that to creep up on you.”

Brett Story’s Top Five Tips For Maximizing The Sale Of Your Business

1. Grunt work
2. No ‘I’ in Team
3. Keep your head down
4. Drama kills deals
5. Future is bright

To get the full details, listen to the full episode below: