August 17, 2019

Britehorn Partner Brett Story was recently quoted in a MarketWarch opinion article: “Investors who want to buy sports teams look to Europe, not the U.S.

Buying a sports team in the United States is difficult not only difficult due to availability, but also cost. Brett Story of Britehorn Partners says: “Give a serious look to investing in professional soccer overseas, especially in Europe.” To Story’s point, those growing markets and team valuations are lower than here in the United States. As a foreign investor, you get a lot for your money. Not only are high net worth individuals and family offices that are priced out of the U.S. turning to Europe, but so are sovereign wealth investments from the Middle East, China and across Asia.

Regarding growth on the investment, Story mentions the following example: “The current controlling shareholder of Bournemouth FC reportedly bought his stake in the club in 2011 for less than $2 million and the club is now one of the world’s 30 most valuable with an estimated value of $250 million after four successive campaigns in the English Premier League.” At a 12,400% return, that is quite a unicorn.

The excerpts above are taken from the article by Matthew Eisler. Read the full article on MarketWatch to learn more.