June 4, 2024

In this podcast with profit maximization expert Kevin Bees, Brett Story of Britehorn talks about how to exist your business for maximum value. Brett Story has 20 years specializing in arming business owners, management teams and boards with the information they need to decide when to sell a business or raise capital, and then his team skillfully executes those transformative and often life-changing transactions.

Brett Story shared in this episode:
– How M&A can help us realise a life-changing sum when we exit our business
– How to find the right strategic buyer for your business
– How to value your business, and achieve the valuation in the sale process
– Definitions of key terms such as contingent purchase price, earn-out, and, role-to-equity
– How to set up earn-out arrangements successfully
– The importance of being realistic with expectations
– The importance of carefully selecting the buyer who you will be partnering with going forward and how to do so.
– The mistakes that people make doing deals, and how to avoid them
– How to maintain some control post-sale
– His life-changing question: “What is the life I want to build?” And how visualizing the answer to that question helped Brett manifest it.
– Why you should be discerning with who you spend time with.
– And much more….